Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunny Sunday

My goodness, it certainly is bright and sunny out today. It's too bad that the temperature doesn't match the feeling I get looking at the sunshine. Mother Nature just had to remind us that it is still winter, and snowed all day yesterday. Now more is forecast for the upcoming week. Sigh. Summer just cannot get here soon enough for me. I'm so tired of the cold and looking at snow.

I've been putting off doing stuff around my craft room, like cleaning it up. I created quite a mess so today is the day to get it all cleaned up. Besides, I have a new interest...stamping. So I have to make room for all the fun stuff I'll be doing. Yes, I'm behind the times, but with me it's one thing at a time and until I get sick of it, I just keep doing it. I've taken quite a break from using my cutting machines all the time, so this will get me back into the fun of cutting files and making cards and things.

I've gone swimming a few times at a local place and it's been quite nice. Shame, we signed up there and two weeks later the prices went up, but still it is great to have the access. It gives me something to do and break up my day. Once the warmer weather gets here, I'm sure I'll be going more. It is a bear when it's so cold outside.

The biggest change I've made recently is getting brave and having 14 inches of my hair cut off. Since the hot flashes have started, I was tired of having wet hair at night. Right after the flash wears off then I freeze, so getting up and down all night to dry my hair was no fun. I haven't had much sleep in the past month. So since the cut, it's been much easier and woohoo, I can fall back to sleep quicker. I'm finally starting to feel rested.

We have been talking about the possibility of getting a hot tub on our deck. It will probably just be big enough for two persons. That is all we really need for us. It's not like we need the monster size tub we used to have at our old house. We do miss it.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Musings

My goodness, this past week just flew right by. Where did the time go? It was another bootiful sunny day, but it's still cold out. I am so longing to be able to walk outside in t-shirt and jeans or even shorts. Anything other than having to wear long johns, heavy sweaters or sweatshirts and jackets, mittens and anything else to keep warm.

Good news! Our buddy called us two days ago and again today. He's finally turning the corner and getting better. We figure he'll be in the hospital another week, but that's okay. Just as long as he is getting better, we couldn't ask for much more. Even better, his wife gave him a laptop so he can stay in touch with friends and family easier. Wow, he's being a good boy in the hospital to get such a nice gift. Just get better and get home soon!

Recently I went to a nice gathering and met some new ladies to craft with. It was a nice couple of hours and I had a really nice time. It will be nice to get together with them and chat and relax. I am looking forward to more gatherings.

Other than that, not much is going on. Hope everyone had a good weekend and looking forward to a wonderful week!

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