Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day of Relaxation

Oh what a sunny day it was today! The sunshine looked so inviting. I just wanted to go out and play with the dogs, but of course, it was only 5 degrees, so that wasn't about to happen. Hubby and I did manage to go to our neighboring town and signed up at the local pool. It felt so funny to change into our swimsuits and hit the water, but it felt so good. So we sat in the hot tub and oohed and aahed while looking out the windows and seeing a whole lot of snow on the ground. It didn't feel so cold out when we left the building either. We do miss having our own hot tub out the back door. I'm sure we will be having a discussion in the near future about getting one for our back deck. For now, I'm very happy to have the opportunity to swim and relax when I feel like it. What a great way to get out of the house during the dreary winter and break up the monotony.

On another note, our best friend may be getting better. His wife called us today and left a message that they may start taking him off a few things, so in my mind, that has to be a good sign. We keep praying for him and a speedy recovery from this mess.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Friday, January 23, 2009

A Long Week

It's been rather a long week around here with the gloom of winter and very little sunshine. Summer just cannot get here fast enough for me. I'm so sick of dealing with the snow and the cold. There is a new weather front that came through today and it's plunging us back to about 30 below by tomorrow night wind chill factor. I am so ready for a plus 75-80 degree day, it isn't funny. Let's see, only what...4 or 5 months to go before we see that kind of weather. Being cooped up in the house is not my idea of fun or living either.

On the brighter side, we did find out that we can use the pool at the local motel for a small fee. So we are going to go sign up for that tomorrow, I hope. Swimming and hot tub time sounds good in my book. At least I'll be getting some decent exercise. My insides are feeling rather blah. It will feel good to be moving around and enjoying the water.

On a very sad note, a very close friend is in the hospital. He went in for a heart test and came home. Unfortunately the next morning his wife had to get him to the hospital as he ended up having complications from the procedure from the day before and now he's really having medical problems. i can't help thinking if only he hadn't kept putting off calling the doctor sooner, and yet I know his main problem didn't just occur in the past few months. If you don't take care of your body, eventually it will let you know it is tired of being neglected.

Today is my 5th year anniversary of surviving a massive heart attack. I was only 45 and I was so very fortunate to have the help that was needed so very quickly. I thank God every day for another day when I wake up.

This Saturday is a scrapbooking crop that I would normally attend, but it's just to cold for me to be hauling my stuff around. I have too many things I take and even if I try to lighten up, I still end up forgetting stuff and my heart just isn't into it lately. The following Saturday I'm invited to another workshop of a different sort, and I don't have to take anything to that one, so I think I'll go and see what that is like. It will give me a chance to meet some new people and maybe make some new friends! That would be nice!!

I hope you all have a terrific weekend and hopefully I'll be posting actual crafting soon. I just need to get my mojo back in gear!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Don't Miss Those Sales!

Well it's Sunday and usually I take the day to sit back and relax and not let anything bother me. For over the past month, I have been getting emails from various blogs that I visit and many of these ladies sell for one of the exclusive stamping & scrapbooking suppliers out there. Today the big sale ended for the company and they start their new catalog tomorrow. Now I believe in one having their own in home business. I also believe in customer service. If you send an email to someone, you certainly would like to have a reply returned to you. I have really been leaning toward ordering some stuff from this company through one of their representatives, BUT, that representative must have decided that the questions about the products was not important enough to answer, thus losing a sale and saving me a quite a bit of money.

When it comes right down to it, not every one can afford the exclusive products. Granted it would be nice, but there are those on a disablity, stay at home moms, unemployed, low paying wage earners, etc. So stick with what you are comfortable with and every once in a while you might be able to splurge on a little something nicer. I would love to have the fancier papers for my cards alone, but when I sit right down and look at reality, why bother? I have very few people to send cards to anymore. Same with using paper in my scrapbooking. What on earth was I thinking of buying all those pads and stacks of paper? I guess I didn't realize that even though I have quite a bit I can scrapbook, I have so much paper now, it's not funny. It might take me a year or two to get through all of it. Ah well, I know now that I can ignore those sales at the stores and the exclusive companies for now. Saves me in the pocket book.

So whether or not you participate in those sales, ask yourself, do I really need it all? The first thing that will come to mind is probably...YES!, but in reality, a lot of it gets pushed aside. In this economy, I have to learn to just say no and miss those sales.

Friday, January 16, 2009

In the Deep Freeze

This past week has been basically been a below zero week on the old thermometer. It's 15 below right now during the early evening. Supposedly it's supposed to be a jump to maybe 20 above tomorrow. Wonder if we will consider that a heat wave. Well at least I haven't turned in to a frozen popsicle this week so maybe I'll just make it!

I have a bone to pick with people online that are in business. It just slays me that you visit someone's website and leave a message about a product or products that someone is trying to sell. You think about buying, but you have questions, so you leave email. Now you sit and wait and wait and wait and...enough with the waiting. I figure if you are selling a product, and you do business on the internet, then answer your email. Isn't that why you put your email out there to begin with? To be contacted if someone should have questions? Good grief. If it's that hard to reply by email, then take the email addy off the website. I've been waiting almost a week now for an answer and I'll be darned if that person is going to get my business now. Yes, we all get busy with life and have things to do, but if you are running a business, wouldn't you check your email at least ONCE a day? If not, you never know what you are going to miss!

Other than that, I hope everyone is able to warm up and have a terrific weekend!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hi Everybody!

This is a month for celebrations! Hubby and I will be celebrating our 31st anniversary on the 28th. Also my wonderful friend Mary and her hubby also celebrate their anniversary on the same day! Woohoo!

Mary is really wanting to celebrate ! If you are looking for cutting files for Wishblade, Craftrobo, KNK, Cricut, etc., jump on over to her website at and check out Mary's blog. Right now she has a code on her blog where you can get 45% off on your purchases at her store! She also has free cutting and digital files on her blog, so go check it out!!

I also get to celebrate the fact that on the 23rd, it will be the 5th anniversary of my heart attack and by the grace of God, modern medicine and dedicated medical personnel, I survived. I certainly never thought I would have a heart attack at the tender age of 45, but it happened. Now recently being able to celebrate my turning 50, I am very thankful that I am still here.

It is going to be sub-zero temperatures this week in Wisconsin. I must say, I do not relish the idea of wearing layers of clothes just to go outside. I feel sorry for Storm and Pepper to have to run outside to do their business. Good thing hubby likes the winter so he can jump out there with the snowblower and play around. I will do it myself, but he just loves to be on the go all the time, so I'm more than happy to let him have fun.

I have been so busy doing a whole lot of nothing. Actually I just needed to recharge my batteries and get a few household chores done that didn't involve any crafting or computer work. Now that those fun chores are taken care of, back to crafting. I've been busy yesterday and tonight cutting things out for a swap over at Cricut Scraplifters plus getting ready to start making a dozen cards for a card swap over there also.

Have a great night and stay warm!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well for 2009 I have decided to get involved with challenges with my card making and scrapbooking. Anything to get motivated again. I've gotten stuck in a rut over photos that I just don't know what to do with, yet. These are old photos from childhood and also relatives that I have no idea who they are except that somehow they are related through my great grandmother. Well I'm sure I'll figure them all out. I have names, now I just need to find out how every one is related to each other down the line.

Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the present for scrapbooking. It seems I'm always the person behind the camera so I get photos of hubby and the dogs and that's it. Hubby doesn't get the idea that maybe I would like to have my photograph taken once in a while. The last time I had my photo taken was while we visited at my mom's for Christmas. I'm sure once those are developed that I'll get a copy of those photos.

Time to get the cutting machines warmed up. I jumped in for a design swap over at the Cricut Scraplifters board so I need to get busy cutting. That plus making 12 cards for another swap there also, should keep me motiviated and busy for a few nights! Woohoo!!

Also soon, the monthly get together for scrapbooking will be starting up again. That I have missed, seeing all the ladies and having a few giggles. It will be really fun once again when all the snow, ice and cold temperatures are gone. I loved going to the meetings all spring, summer and fall where we didn't have to worry about the weather. Spring should be here in another 5 months!!

Hope everyone is having a good day.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Ice Isn't Nice

Whoa, we had a bit of rain the other night, which turned to sleet and then the temperature took a nosedive and our driveway and country roads are like an ice rink now. Mike threw out some stuff to melt the ice on the drive and it's not working. Now that's bad. The snowplows that have been out, dumped sand in the middle of the road and we are wondering what good that was supposed to do for any of us. Who drives in the middle of the road?

Hubby took me out for dinner and I just cringed the couple miles we had to drive on the ice roads until we hit one of the major roads that is ice free. Whew. I had this vision of sliding off the road but thankfully we made it out and back in one piece without any mishaps. At this rate, we could become lol, Ice Road truckers. We may not be driving on a frozen ocean but let me say the ice is thick enough and slippery enough to be real careful just walking out to the mailbox.

Well I think I'll hit the hay early tonight and get a refreshing start tomorrow.


Friday, January 2, 2009

First weekend of 2009

Well here it is, the beginning of the first weekend of the new year. Where did this past week go? It was unfortunate, but we had to drag our tree out the door much earlier than planned. Usually we keep our tree until mid month in January because we just love sitting at night with just the lights on the tree and around the doors and windows lit and the main lights off. The problem was, we bought our tree at a tree lot in town and we don't know how long our tree was there. The tree never did quite bounce back after we thawed it in the house for 2 days, giving it a ton of water to drink. We slowly let it thaw and then took the baling string off the tree.

It seems our tree was dead or so frozen on the inside that it just couldn't come back to life. So we had pine needles all over the living room carpet and all over the kitchen floor and it was a huge mess to clean every single day. The tree was huge and bushy and just perfect in shape. We put all the ornaments on with care as to be gentle with the branches but it was a lost cause. I'm just lucky that I was able to give it tree food and water to try to keep it going. When we carried it out, the needles just dropped all over the floor. We must have cleaned up 25 pounds of needles over the two weeks we had it and it took us over an hour just to clean up all the needles when we took it outside. Poor thing gave it's all. Now it is laying out in the back yard and hopefully it will give temporary shelter to either birds or bunnies for the rest of the winter.

I took a break from cleaning my craft area and oops, I didn't get back in here to finish it up. So that is my objective for this weekend. Cleaning the house and my craft area.

On a sad note, my girlfriend had a gentleman friend who passed away on Monday. I found out from another friend and I called my girlfriend to offer my sympathy and condolences. She had only been operating on 3 hours of sleep so our conversation didn't go too well, so I'll give her a few days and try to call her again. I guess the funeral is this coming Monday, I just wish I could be there for her. I now live 2 hours away so the phone is the best communication other than the Internet. It's rather sad that she lost her husband a few years ago and now she lost her gentleman friend.

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. Let's all give a prayer of thanks for what we do have and pray that we have a much better year.

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