Friday, January 16, 2009

In the Deep Freeze

This past week has been basically been a below zero week on the old thermometer. It's 15 below right now during the early evening. Supposedly it's supposed to be a jump to maybe 20 above tomorrow. Wonder if we will consider that a heat wave. Well at least I haven't turned in to a frozen popsicle this week so maybe I'll just make it!

I have a bone to pick with people online that are in business. It just slays me that you visit someone's website and leave a message about a product or products that someone is trying to sell. You think about buying, but you have questions, so you leave email. Now you sit and wait and wait and wait and...enough with the waiting. I figure if you are selling a product, and you do business on the internet, then answer your email. Isn't that why you put your email out there to begin with? To be contacted if someone should have questions? Good grief. If it's that hard to reply by email, then take the email addy off the website. I've been waiting almost a week now for an answer and I'll be darned if that person is going to get my business now. Yes, we all get busy with life and have things to do, but if you are running a business, wouldn't you check your email at least ONCE a day? If not, you never know what you are going to miss!

Other than that, I hope everyone is able to warm up and have a terrific weekend!


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