Friday, January 23, 2009

A Long Week

It's been rather a long week around here with the gloom of winter and very little sunshine. Summer just cannot get here fast enough for me. I'm so sick of dealing with the snow and the cold. There is a new weather front that came through today and it's plunging us back to about 30 below by tomorrow night wind chill factor. I am so ready for a plus 75-80 degree day, it isn't funny. Let's see, only what...4 or 5 months to go before we see that kind of weather. Being cooped up in the house is not my idea of fun or living either.

On the brighter side, we did find out that we can use the pool at the local motel for a small fee. So we are going to go sign up for that tomorrow, I hope. Swimming and hot tub time sounds good in my book. At least I'll be getting some decent exercise. My insides are feeling rather blah. It will feel good to be moving around and enjoying the water.

On a very sad note, a very close friend is in the hospital. He went in for a heart test and came home. Unfortunately the next morning his wife had to get him to the hospital as he ended up having complications from the procedure from the day before and now he's really having medical problems. i can't help thinking if only he hadn't kept putting off calling the doctor sooner, and yet I know his main problem didn't just occur in the past few months. If you don't take care of your body, eventually it will let you know it is tired of being neglected.

Today is my 5th year anniversary of surviving a massive heart attack. I was only 45 and I was so very fortunate to have the help that was needed so very quickly. I thank God every day for another day when I wake up.

This Saturday is a scrapbooking crop that I would normally attend, but it's just to cold for me to be hauling my stuff around. I have too many things I take and even if I try to lighten up, I still end up forgetting stuff and my heart just isn't into it lately. The following Saturday I'm invited to another workshop of a different sort, and I don't have to take anything to that one, so I think I'll go and see what that is like. It will give me a chance to meet some new people and maybe make some new friends! That would be nice!!

I hope you all have a terrific weekend and hopefully I'll be posting actual crafting soon. I just need to get my mojo back in gear!

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