Sunday, January 18, 2009

Don't Miss Those Sales!

Well it's Sunday and usually I take the day to sit back and relax and not let anything bother me. For over the past month, I have been getting emails from various blogs that I visit and many of these ladies sell for one of the exclusive stamping & scrapbooking suppliers out there. Today the big sale ended for the company and they start their new catalog tomorrow. Now I believe in one having their own in home business. I also believe in customer service. If you send an email to someone, you certainly would like to have a reply returned to you. I have really been leaning toward ordering some stuff from this company through one of their representatives, BUT, that representative must have decided that the questions about the products was not important enough to answer, thus losing a sale and saving me a quite a bit of money.

When it comes right down to it, not every one can afford the exclusive products. Granted it would be nice, but there are those on a disablity, stay at home moms, unemployed, low paying wage earners, etc. So stick with what you are comfortable with and every once in a while you might be able to splurge on a little something nicer. I would love to have the fancier papers for my cards alone, but when I sit right down and look at reality, why bother? I have very few people to send cards to anymore. Same with using paper in my scrapbooking. What on earth was I thinking of buying all those pads and stacks of paper? I guess I didn't realize that even though I have quite a bit I can scrapbook, I have so much paper now, it's not funny. It might take me a year or two to get through all of it. Ah well, I know now that I can ignore those sales at the stores and the exclusive companies for now. Saves me in the pocket book.

So whether or not you participate in those sales, ask yourself, do I really need it all? The first thing that will come to mind is probably...YES!, but in reality, a lot of it gets pushed aside. In this economy, I have to learn to just say no and miss those sales.

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