Saturday, November 21, 2009


WIN A GYPSY over at Read the post, follow the rules for the contest and cross your fingers. I know I am. I would love to win a Gypsy!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

1 Week Old

Here is a new photo of our future new addition to the family. She is one week old now and thriving along with the rest of her brothers and sisters. Her birth mother is also the mother of my beloved Pepper, so we will be raising Pepper's half-sister. Truthfully, the next 5 weeks can't go by fast enough for me. I am looking forward to raising, loving and caring for our new baby girl. We haven't picked out a name for her yet, until we get her home and see what her personality is like. That's how we've always named our babies, so will have to wait and see. She is so tiny, it amazes me how beautiful they become as they grow and get older.

All I can say is, new memories will be made. I have already started her new puppy album. I'm so grateful that our breeder is kind enough to take the time take and send me photos until we get her. Thank you, Laurel! You are truly one of a kind.

Hope you are having a wonderful week and will be able to spend time with your families next week for Thanksgiving. If you are traveling, God bless you with a safe trip.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

A New Addition to our Family

My husband and son decided that since I have been so lost without Pepper, they took it upon themselves to call the breeder where we got Pepper and Storm from. They learned there was a new litter of puppies to be born in about 2 weeks.

Well we got the call 2 days ago and there are new puppies. I told the breeder I would like another female black lab. There was only one female black lab in this litter. She is ours and she will be coming home on Dec. 23rd, 2009. So we just have to pray that she is a healthy puppy and will grown by leaps and bounds by the time we get her in the 6 weeks. She is NOT a replacement for Pepper but she will be giving us new memories hopefully for a very long time to come.

In Memory of Pepper

Pepper Ann

On October 27, 2009, someone stopped somewhere on the road along our property and shot and killed my sweetheart, Pepper. We rushed her to the vet but there was no saving her. She had lost too much blood.

There hasn't been a day that has gone by that I don't cry. I can't believe someone could be so mean as to shoot my beautiful girl. She was only 2 years old. She is missed terribly by myself, husband and son. Our older lab, Storm, is so blue without Pepper. Pepper and Storm were related. My gorgeous Pepper came from Storm's half-sister Shadow. This is just so heartbreaking and so sad. I will always have the most wonderful memories of her short life and I will love her always. She was everything to me.

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