Friday, January 2, 2009

First weekend of 2009

Well here it is, the beginning of the first weekend of the new year. Where did this past week go? It was unfortunate, but we had to drag our tree out the door much earlier than planned. Usually we keep our tree until mid month in January because we just love sitting at night with just the lights on the tree and around the doors and windows lit and the main lights off. The problem was, we bought our tree at a tree lot in town and we don't know how long our tree was there. The tree never did quite bounce back after we thawed it in the house for 2 days, giving it a ton of water to drink. We slowly let it thaw and then took the baling string off the tree.

It seems our tree was dead or so frozen on the inside that it just couldn't come back to life. So we had pine needles all over the living room carpet and all over the kitchen floor and it was a huge mess to clean every single day. The tree was huge and bushy and just perfect in shape. We put all the ornaments on with care as to be gentle with the branches but it was a lost cause. I'm just lucky that I was able to give it tree food and water to try to keep it going. When we carried it out, the needles just dropped all over the floor. We must have cleaned up 25 pounds of needles over the two weeks we had it and it took us over an hour just to clean up all the needles when we took it outside. Poor thing gave it's all. Now it is laying out in the back yard and hopefully it will give temporary shelter to either birds or bunnies for the rest of the winter.

I took a break from cleaning my craft area and oops, I didn't get back in here to finish it up. So that is my objective for this weekend. Cleaning the house and my craft area.

On a sad note, my girlfriend had a gentleman friend who passed away on Monday. I found out from another friend and I called my girlfriend to offer my sympathy and condolences. She had only been operating on 3 hours of sleep so our conversation didn't go too well, so I'll give her a few days and try to call her again. I guess the funeral is this coming Monday, I just wish I could be there for her. I now live 2 hours away so the phone is the best communication other than the Internet. It's rather sad that she lost her husband a few years ago and now she lost her gentleman friend.

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. Let's all give a prayer of thanks for what we do have and pray that we have a much better year.


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