Monday, January 5, 2009

Ice Isn't Nice

Whoa, we had a bit of rain the other night, which turned to sleet and then the temperature took a nosedive and our driveway and country roads are like an ice rink now. Mike threw out some stuff to melt the ice on the drive and it's not working. Now that's bad. The snowplows that have been out, dumped sand in the middle of the road and we are wondering what good that was supposed to do for any of us. Who drives in the middle of the road?

Hubby took me out for dinner and I just cringed the couple miles we had to drive on the ice roads until we hit one of the major roads that is ice free. Whew. I had this vision of sliding off the road but thankfully we made it out and back in one piece without any mishaps. At this rate, we could become lol, Ice Road truckers. We may not be driving on a frozen ocean but let me say the ice is thick enough and slippery enough to be real careful just walking out to the mailbox.

Well I think I'll hit the hay early tonight and get a refreshing start tomorrow.


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