Monday, July 20, 2009

We've Been Busy

We have been so busy in our lives since February. One good thing about retirement, is that we are finally starting to fulfill wishes and dream on our wish list.

Back in February we decided we had enough of the cold, snow and ice. We packed up our travel trailer and took off for Florida. What a wonderful trip. My husband found a website that lists military campgrounds so we mapped out our trip and took off. The first day we made it to Fort Knox, KY and stayed at Camp Carlson for two days. A beautiful campground that is 4 miles from the base. The base alone has some really beautiful features so we had a good time staying there.

The next night we ended up in Georgia and stayed at a Good Sam's campground right off the highway. Finally on day 3 we arrived at our destination at Patrick Air Force base by Cocoa Beach and it was just gorgeous. The campground is at the far end of the base located right next to the Banana River. What a breathtaking view to wake up to each day. The people who run and maintain the camp are so friendly that we are wanting to go back there again for another visit.

Our dogs thought they were in heaven being able to get on the beach and run around and splash in the water. That was their second priority every morning and it was such fun to see their smiling faces as they swam around, chased the ball and even made new doggie friends. We met quite a few couples that were just as friendly as could be and found out that they meet up at the camp every year and stay for about 6 months. Hmmm, now that does sounds like a fun way to spend the winter. Maybe we will become snowbirds. It was fun for me to see Kennedy Space Center and Disney World and see the changes that have taken place from when I was there in the early 70's. This was hubby's first trip there so he had a really good time. The only bad thing was that the days we did take those trips, it rained big time. Not a very good way to sight see but we enjoyed it just the same.

Enjoy the photos and I'll have new post later.

This is our trailer as we rolled on down the highway in Florida.

Playing with the dogs on the beach.

Kennedy Space Center

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