Monday, October 25, 2010

Life has been busy

It seems that life has been very busy for hubby and myself this summer. That alone has kept me from blogging. I just had to take some time off and re-charge my batteries. We kept very busy over the summer building gardens around our decks and a little experimentation in growing watermelons, snow peas and cucumbers in a small garden. Needless to say with the heat from the summer, it basically took quite some time for things to grow. The only thing that didn't grow decently were our cucumbers. This is the first time we ever had them grow so deformed and basically they were not edible. The watermelons grew and ended up looking like bowling balls and oh my goodness, they were as sweet and juicy as could be. I was so surprised with them. Our snow peas really threw us for a loop. I have never had them grow for more than a month before the stems died out. Where we live now, because there is a lot of sand under the dirt, we had snow peas growing all summer long. Talk about a shocker, but we were so pleased at how delicious they were and that we were able to pick them all summer long. Our tomato plants grew quite large, to the point that some of them had to have double cages just to hold them up. Talk about super sweet and yummy. We did can a few batches of sauce which will last us through the winter.

So now that I am back to crafting, I will start posting cards that I have made recently.


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