Saturday, August 25, 2012

5 Star Card

Recently I re-discovered a wonderful lady who is responsible for my interest in scrapbooking and cardmaking. I discovered DIY Scrapbooking 8 years ago with Sandi Genovese while I was at home recovering from heart surgery. I started watching her every day and I couldn't get enough of what I was seeing. Once I started getting my strength back, I started scrapbooking. What a wonderful hobby! So after the show was discontinued, it was like an old friend who had moved away and never to be heard from again. Well, I don't know what made me Google her name recently but to my surprise, she has an online show called Scrapbook Showgram - Scrapbooking with Sandi Genovese at you can find her at : She has videos of her projects and you can follow along. I'm loving it. So having said all this, here is my take on Sandy's 5 Star Birthday card. I changed it up and will be giving it to a friend who also has her own scrapbooking club at her house which I try to attend 4 times a month. We have an 18 hour scrapbooking weekend coming up in October and it's just a little something to give her for being such a wonderful hostess. Here are the photos of my card. I tried to use CM as much as possible since she is a CM rep and I used mostly the CM Cricut carts along with Storybook Creator 4 to print background papers. Hope she likes what I've done!

Page 1 Heritage/Memories using Cricut Heritage Cart and CM Storybook 4 "Serenity" paper.
Spring - CM Storybook Creator 4 background paper and CM border.

CM Cheerful Seasons Cart along with CM  Disney Sticker at the top.

Fall - CM Cheerful Seasons Cart

Christmas - CM 'Tis The Season cart
Hope you enjoyed the photos and have a wonderful weekend.


kathy serrahn said...

awesome pictures

Debbie said...

Welcome and thank you Kathy! I'll hope you'll come back often.

Anne said...

This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

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