Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just Keeping Busy

It has been so busy here that I almost don't know where to start. We built a new grilling deck and laid a small concrete sidewalk to finish part of our renovation projects behind the house. I must say, I am impressed with hubby and son. Way to go guys!!

I've been working on a few things for a friend that is making a scrapbook for her upcoming granddaughter. She has picked pretty colors for the new baby book and I'm hoping to compliment her work.

Also , I have been quite busy with stamping and making cards. It just releases some kind of energy in me and I'm having a wonderful time making the cards. The problem is, who am I going to send them to? I have very few people to send a card to, but when I do, I know they are appreciated. That leaves me with a happy feeling.

A few months ago I signed up with Stampin Up so I can get the supplies and stamps at a nice discount and I've been building my never ending stash of papers and supplies. Quite recently I found Gina K designs and oh my goodness, the stamps and her designers are awesome. I'm hooked already. I love going over to to see all the latest and then click on all the designers blogs and wonderful inspiration from all of them. Wow!!

Last week the guys were out in the woods with the dogs. Pepper romped over a nest of yellow jacket bees and I guess all chaos broke out with the bees and both dogs. Pepper took the most bites, about 9. She had bumps all over her but the most visible was above her eye. Poor baby. Good thing I had Benadryl in the house so each dog got a dose of that which helped. Storm had two bites so she wasn't as bad. On Monday night, I noticed Pepper was starting to limp and getting stiff in her right front leg. Talk about worry. On Tuesday, I called the vet and got her in for a shot of pain and antibiotics and the vet said within 3 days she will be living up to her name again. The swelling in her paw went down and the stiffness went away and she's been really making up for lost time. I will admit it was nice to see her really calm and not underfoot but it wasn't in a good way. She's on antibiotics and pain pills for about a week so she's just back to bouncing along as usual. I never saw a lab with so much energy. Talk about being in 4-paw overdrive!

Well hope everyone is doing well. Have a great day!!

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