Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Day After

Well yesterday was the first time I can remember shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I never even heard it called "Black Friday" until this year. Whatever they want to call it, all I can say is was an eye opener. When I first walked into a retail supercenter, a sheriff's squad pulled up as I was walking in at 5 am. I went in and was done shopping in about 5 minutes. Then I just walked around the store and finally headed for the checkout. While waiting in line, I was rather surprised to turn around and see two women slugging it out over an item. I've heard stories about things like this, but never first hand witnessed it. Unfortunately an innocent bystander somehow became trampled and knocked out cold and the store had to call for an ambulance. Good thing the sheriff was still in the store. I couldn't believe how these two adult women had lost their minds over a plasma tv. All I could think was well, whatever monies they were planning on spending in the store, will now have to go towards their bail or ticket. So much for "Peace and Goodwill towards men". And just think, the season is just starting!

Speaking of which, we were informed by our son that he and his girlfriend plan on being here for Christmas which means now I have to go shopping. I hate shopping for gifts. I just can't stand it. It drives me crazy because no matter what I could possibly buy as a gift for someone, it usually goes back to the store. Of course, giving a gift card is what I've been doing the past few years, but those too seem so impersonal. The best thing I like about the gift card is the person I just gifted it to, can not only get what they would like but I figure they can have the headache of fighting the crowd. Shame on me, I know! I can't help it. I just hate the retail and commercialism side of the holiday.

Well I guess I better quit whining and start making a list of what I need to buy for presents. My work is never done around here. Hope you got some wonderful deals yesterday and have fun shopping!


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~Mary said...

I like giving gift-cards, too, unless the person tells me EXACTLY what they want on a list and I just choose from that list so they don't know which item I chose. I really hate the idea of spending money on a gift that someone won't like or won't use or already owns...
I am so excited you started a blog!!!

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