Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Making A List

It's that time of the year to start making my list and checking it twice. I already know who has been naughty or nice. The first item on my list is to go find a nice, tall and fluffy tree to decorate for Christmas. Thankfully we have a lot of room for what I call a "butterball" tree. We usually get a tree about 9 foot tall and almost as round, and for things to hang on the tree, my husband has bulbs and ornaments that his mother and grandmother made over 50 years ago. Some of them don't look like much, but when one thinks of the time of the depression era, it just makes the ornaments that much more special. So even though the aren't "fancy" by today's standards, that's just fine, because the sentimental value is what counts.

We have two black female labradors named Storm and Pepper. Storm is the oldest at 8 years old and Pepper is about 1 1/2 yrs old now. Storm's grandma had a litter of puppies and that is how we got Pepper. Which means that Pepper is Storm's aunt. Rather confusing to sit and think about it. There are times I have to laugh at myself because at a glance, you can't tell who is who. I always have to look at the muzzle and if it's gray, then I know it's Storm. Either that or I have to look at the color of their collar. The girls look so alike. I wish my husband wouldn't have named the pup, Pepper. She sure lives up to her name. She is just full of zip, it tires me out just to watch her run around. Another thing is that she drools like a Saint Bernard, for food. I've never seen a dog drool like Pepper. She eats food like it's her first and last meal of her lifetime. Hubby says she's "hard-wired" for food. I said well what do you expect, you named my dog after a food seasoning? Truthfully, she is a handful. I can't remember ever having such a high spirited dog like her and yet I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. I have to admit that the girls are both awesome and smart as all get out. I've had Samoyeds, toy American Eskimos and now Labradors. I have a hard time not having a dog around.

It's time to get busy making Christmas cards. I don't have many to make, maybe about 10 total. Once upon a time it used to be 50+ cards to send out every year, but as friends and family move on and don't keep in contact the list just seems to dwindle. That plus those that pass away to a better place. I'm very lucky to still have my parents and friends that are quite near and dear to us.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! I'm working on a few things to start loading up photos of my cardmaking or scrapbooking.


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