Saturday, December 13, 2008

Missing Family

For the past week, hubby and I have been remembering his parents and my grandparents and other members of our families that are no longer with us. I would have loved to been able to know my mother-in-law as an adult. My only memories of her are when I was a teen, and she was a very warm and loving woman. She would have been an awesome grandmother to our son. My father-in-law was always so good to me. I have to say, my husband was very lucky as having wonderful parents that really cared and made sure they did so many things as a family.

For me, I miss my grandparents, both sets. I am so blessed to still have my parents living and very healthy. My dad's grandparents lived until I was in my early 20's, and that was pretty awesome if you think about it. My grandparents had long lives also. I am quite blessed to have had them right up until a couple of years ago when my last grandmother passed. Talk about longevity! I had my grandparents alive in my late 40's, so I can only hope I could be blessed with such a long life. I also miss my Uncle Jerry, whom I called "Jer-bear". He's also the reason I have for my email name bearilu. It breaks down to "bear I love you". He was a terrific uncle and he had the good sense to marry a super gal and make her my Aunt Joyce.

For all the relatives that have gone on to a better place, I can only hope that during this season of goodwill and blessings, that we all take time to remember our loved ones. God needed angels, and I hope that when our group of angels sing the heavenly carols, that we will hear them with our hearts and minds.

We miss you and send our love to all of our angels, not only for the holiday season, but all year long.

Debbie & Mike

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