Saturday, December 6, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

It may not be officially be considered Winter yet, but trust me, when we have night temps registering at below zero and barely in the teens during the day, my vote is that fall has long ended and winter should have been declared as officially being here. Not to mention the snow blanketing everything from the ground on up. The pine trees are so pretty with their dark green needles and snow tips, the grass is already sleeping beneath the blanket of the cold white stuff and the rest of the woods all under a white blanket. Speaking of things being blanketed, let us now forget all the layers of clothing I'm now wearing just to stay warm, inside and out.

I still say I was born somewhere on an island where is it nice and warm all year round. I love the sun, surf and sand. I say I was stolen by a band of gypsies but my mother swears she gave birth to me. Hmm, it makes me wonder why I hate the snow and cold so much and love the sun, water and sand so much more. LOL.

If you are still busy Christmas shopping, good luck out there. Soon the big guy will busy flying all over the world delivering gifts to all the naughty and nice persons out there. Another person has made it to my naughty list, so now that list has a total of 3 people. I don't know of a list lower than the naughty list, but if there was a "lower than a slug" listing, they would be on that one.

Well I'm off to play with some new craft things that came in the mail. Woohoo. Also I recently put a small television in my craft area so I can watch all the vhs movies on hand. Tonight is "White Christmas"," Grumpy Old Men", "Grumpier Old Men" and to be topped off with an oldie, but goodie, "The Bells of St. Mary's". These are my top four movies for the Christmas season and anything after that, I consider a bonus.

Wishing my family and friends a wonderful weekend.


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