Saturday, December 6, 2008


Here's a card that I sent to my mom for her birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Actually my dearest friend, Mary Powell, designed the card. Mary has her own website and sells her designs at She has so many unique ideas and I'm just in love with everything she puts into her store. Mary is one of the proud few that puts her heart and soul into her designs.

Now, on to holiday cards. These are two cards I made, one is the Mickey car but made for Santa Claus that I scraplifted from someplace. Sorry I don't know where I saw the card similar to this.

The other, with the penguins, the main idea for the layout of the card is off cover of the CardMaker magazine. The penguins I printed off and colored with markers and gel pens. I think it really turned out cute!


~Mary said...

All the cards are so cute!
The colors for the b'day card are awesome - next time I make one I am so totally scraplifting your color scheme.
I wish I could stop cleaning and make some've inspired me. I love those penguins!

Debbie said...

Thanks Mary! I'm glad you got a chance to check out my blog. Hey, you need to keep cleaning to make new room! I agree, those penguins were just to darn cute to resist!

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