Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Happy Tuesday!

I've been busy trying to get a Christmas design to come together. I'm at that point, where it's frustrating, so it's time to just step back and take a breather. It's is so close to coming together but there is something that just isn't working right, and I'll be darned if I will let it get the better of me. I'll get there, just takes time!

So, I think I'll just go get out the Christmas decorations and decorate the inside of the house. I've been wanting to do it all month and then I just put it off and it still hasn't gotten done. I thought for sure I'd be able to talk hubby into decorating this past weekend and he just gave me a funny look. This from the guy who loves can't wait to get Christmas up in the house right after Thanksgiving. Hmmm. Well I do know the weather has been playing havoc with his back, and when that happens, forget the rest of the day. So while he out with his buddies for a few hours today, I think Santa's little helper will get busy around here and surprise him. Maybe that will put a smile on his usually cheerful puss!

I had someone ask me to put up a photo of a Christmas decoration that I cut out with a scissors. So I'll post that later.


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