Monday, December 8, 2008


Looking out the windows and seeing different tones of greys and blues, it's quite a blah looking day. As I look out into the woods, I see pines, dotted with green needles that have been dusted with snow. The oak leaves have turned from green to medium brown. Some of leaves look like burnt rust mixed among the brown leaves. Yet, with those pretty colors to look at, it still looks very gray and overcast. Yes, winter is here and it's supposedly only the beginning. So far, we have had rain, sleet and snow and this is just the beginning of December? If we have anything like we did last year with close to 100" snow, it will be another bad winter. I still vote for Mother Nature to only be allowed to use the week of Christmas for snow and cold. Anything before or after the holiday, must go back up in temps at least in the 60's or better for the rest of our winter. Brrrr.

I have been putting off working on a wedding album for over two weeks already. I should have had it done, but I just can't find the inspiration to finish it. I put the album together for someone who wanted to give it to her friend as a wedding gift. That was all fine and dandy but now it has been decided that she has no clue how to put the photos in and or think of what she wants to do to finish the album to give to the bride and groom. So it's landed back in my lap, wedding photos and all. Guess I should force myself to get it done.

Some days it's just doesn't seem worth getting up for. Hope you are having a much better day than I did!


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