Saturday, November 10, 2012

From Trash to Treasure

Does anyone remember the huge wooden paper cutters with the big black heavy metal handle from their school days?  I have it!! A few years ago, my husband was taking garbage to our local dump. He met a man who said he was throwing out stuff from one of the schools and the paper cutter was no longer safe to be used around children in the classroom. The stop for the blade was missing.

My husband, always thinking ahead, brought it home. He nailed in a stop for me and I have a wonderful, and very accurate paper cutter. It shows 26 1/2 inches on the metal ruler and has lines from top to bottom edged into the wood. Talk about a great find.

A Treasured Find!

Here is a close up of the ruler on top of board
. The inch lines go from top to bottom of board. 

So from what almost was thrown in the trash, has become a very treasured and well used item in my paper crafting. I also use it as a guide for layouts for my scrapbooking. 

Here is hoping you come across an old fashioned treasure to help with your crafting!

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Mary R. said...

wow what a fine I would to love to have a cutter like this one ..... really nice... great fine


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