Saturday, October 26, 2013

Product Review Kellycraft Laser Square

Hi Everyone!

A few weeks ago I scored a great deal for a Kellycraft Get-It-Straight Laser Square. I have to say I am very impressed with my new tool. In addition I also have the Multi-Mat that helps keep everything in place and straight. Read on for my product review!

After watching videos, I felt this was something I needed to help with my scrapbooking and card making. What a difference it has made in my crafting. I no longer need to use painters tape to tape down my page or my ruler. Here are photos of both:


When I received the laser square, I couldn't get it out of the packaging fast enough. I was excited. I had to tape down my page and the laser square to my counter top. Hmm. I wasn't too thrilled with that. I went ahead and tried out the laser square. On the right side of the laser is a ruler that has a slide tab, to move the laser up and down. It sticks a bit in two spots but I have been told that the more I use it, that it will glide over those 2 spots easier. It's something that occurs in manufacturing. Wow, this thing shoots a beam not only across the page, but the room also. So I went to the Kellycraft website and watched the videos. After reading the specifics, I still had questions.

I sent an email to Kellycraft in regards to the Laser Square and Multi-Mat. Imagine my surprise when Jimbo Kelly, president of Kellycraft called me. Talking with Jimbo Kelly on the phone, is like catching up with a very dear friend. He is so friendly and funny too!! He not only answered all my questions, but he also asked what types of crafting I do. So we decided I needed to try the Multi-Mat, but they weren't going to be in until the end of October. I mentioned that I had a big 3 day scrapbooking weekend coming up at the end of the month would be taking my laser square along. About 2 weeks later, Jimbo Kelly found out that the Multi-Mats were at the shipping company. He personally drove 67 miles to pick these up and mailed mine out the same day! WOW!! He called me to tell me it was on it's way. Talk about customer service!

With package in hand, I opened it up and imagine my surprise when I saw what else was in the package. Included were the Multi-Mags to mount to the bottom of the Laser Square and Camo Skins to decorate the top of the Laser Square.

The Multi-Mat is magnetic.  It comes with 4 very strong magnets to hold your papers to the mat. The mat is 12x12 and self healing. The white lines on the mat match up with the Laser Square. In addition it is mounted onto a magnetic platform.  If you look at the above photo, you will notice a "t-square" and that is where you mount the Laser Square. I think of it as a "docking station".  I attached the Multi-Mags to the bottom of the Laser Square, had to trim it a little bit for a nice, snug fit.  Now I don't have to tape down my papers or Laser Square because everything is held down magnetically!

I have already done pages for my scrapbooks and made greeting cards. Stamping is a breeze using the laser. Journaling is simple, just write on top of the laser beam and now my handwriting is nice and straight. Talk about easy!

If you want great looking pages and an easy way to keep your projects in place, I highly recommend getting the Kellycraft Get-It-Straight Laser Square and Multi-Mat. Kellycraft has the Laser Square available as a "white box" special (quantities are limited) without the fancy packaging even cheaper! Go to Kellycraft, check out the Online Shop tab for "Tools and Accessories" and order yours today! Be sure to check out the other products and don't miss those Jimbo Lojik stamps. They are so funny.  I can't wait to order them!

Happy crafting!


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